• Lesson 5 - Wedding Party Management

  • Whether large or small, your wedding party is an important part of your day. These gals and guys more than likely have seen your relationship grow to this point and you wouldn't be standing there without them. Traditionally this mixture of friends and family have been an integral part of your life as a single person.

    It is completely fine to have mixed matched numbers, gals on the groom's side and guys on the bride's side. We are all unique and therefore your wedding party should reflect this. So first, don't fret if you have different numbers on each side.

    A second common issue is having TOO many friends/family to include. What happens if you find you might have half of your guests standing with you? Simple, there are ways to include them in your wedding day without necessarily being a part of the traditional wedding party. Ushers, Readers, House Party Gals (yes, there really is a thing!), Dog Walker, Junior Bridesmaid - the list goes on.

    Wedding Party Form - The downloadable form for this lesson, under Planning Tool, helps you organize your wedding party with key information readily available in one place.

    • There are spots for 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen and space to add more if you need to.
    • You are able to customize and add your personal notes by each member - if wanting hair and/or make-up, what accessories, arrival date or whatever you may need to jot down.
    • Attire - this line is important. What they are wearing and also when they have ordered or purchased it. In our experience this minor detail causes a few headaches and this way you can keep track easily.
  • Wedding Party Attire

    Selecting the attire for your wedding party can be another lesson in staying organized. If members live in different areas, coordinating how/when to try on dresses/suits can be problematic.

    A convenient option is Weddington Way that allows you to select from 1,000+ styles and add your favorite ones to your own personal showroom. Your gals can voice an opinion, select a dress, order etc...

    Another one we love is Rent The Runway. You can rent designer dresses at a fraction of the price. Especially great if you are looking for a cohesive look but not necessarily identical dresses. You can select the ones you like and then let your bridesmaids pick the one for themselves.

    For the guys, national chains such as Men's Wearhouse and Joseph A. Banks are some of the top choices for service, selection and convenience.

  • The Four Legged Member

    We love it when our couples want to include their favorite pooch and rightfully so, he is part of the family too! Here are some tips to keeping your tail-wagging friend safe and happy on your big day:

    • Check with your venue to make sure they allow dogs and any specific rules
    • Walk, Run and Exercise him plenty before the ceremony
    • Make sure they use the restroom within 30 minutes of go time
    • Have a designated handler for your dog before/during/after your ceremony
    • If your dog is hyper or gets stage fright, visit your veterinarian for a prescription (this really does help!)
    • It's okay for your dog to be the first guest to leave and actually recommended for him to leave before dinner

    **Detail Tip - when it comes to floral or attire don't forget this little one! From leashes to collars to ties to jackets - you have lots to choose from. And they might just steal the show...

  • Popping the Question

    Put some thought rather than dollars into how you ask your gals and guys to be a part of your wedding posse .

    There are many different ways to do this from a quiet lunch to a phone call to a personalized photo album detailing your friendship or a meaningful gesture/gift. Wedding blogs go crazy with suggestions but if you don't have the time or money for many of these, don't worry.

    Our number one tip is to keep it about the two of you and your friendship. Personalization and sincerity go really far in our book.