• Lesson 1 - Get (and stay) Organized!

  • I think it is best to begin with some organization tips. Some of you may already have numerous brochures or a contract or just lots of info gathered while some of you may have none. Let's start with what to do with the daunting pile of information headed your way while you plan your wedding. Some of us were a born list-maker and with an organization gene, but in case you weren't, here are some tips to get organized and more importantly, to stay organized as you plan your wedding!

    1. I recommend forming a specific wedding folder on your computer (under Documents for those with a PC) where you will put contracts, proposals, wedding pro information and anything else that is sent to you – including the planning tools and forms you will receive here during this program. This way you will have them for immediate and future reference.

    2. I find it helpful to rename contracts or proposals from hired Wedding Professionals. It will help you remember when viewing your online wedding document folder what it is. For example, if you have 5 contracts all labeled with your name and date (a common procedure by wedding pros) in your document folder, you won’t know which contract is for catering, photographer, DJ etc.  Label them with the name of the wedding pro. (Renaming a document is done by Save As)

    3. Another tip is to date any revised or amended proposals or contracts. For example, if you have “DJ Wonderful Contract” and then there is a change to the contract and he sends you a new one, then label the next one “DJ Wonderful Contract 3.10” with the date following the title. This way you will be able to tell quickly and easily which file is the most current and remember to keep your old copies (you never know why you might need it!). Don't delete until post-wedding.

    4. Create an email folder to save all of your wedding specific emails in. (Do this by creating a rule - yahoo.com, hotmail.com, and gmail.com email accounts all have the ability for you to create filters and labels to direct email to specific folders.) Outlook also has this capability, to automatically direct certain emails to a folder – the steps to do this will vary depending on your email host. This way you have them for future reference and they won't get lost in your inbox.

    *You can create a rule but this may not catch all emails since at first you won’t know who your emails are coming from and your Subject Header may vary. Simply manually popping them into this email folder may work the best for you.

    5. Some brides have created a completely new email combining their name and their fiance’s just for wedding information. This works too if you want to take the time to create a new g-mail or similar account. Either way this will separate your wedding emails from other emails – junk or otherwise!

    6. If you are like me, I like to write things down and not just type. In this case also having a wedding binder in which you can print the most important documents is an excellent idea. You may think you will always remember what your DJ just suggested, but most likely it will get muddled after a few weeks. Print or flag these emails for future reference if you can’t print.

    **Planning Tip - By taking a few moments in the beginning to organize yourself and then stay on top of things, will keep yourself sane and your mind clear during the upcoming months. Trust me!

  • Downloadable Wedding Professional List

    Wedding Pro List

    Planning Tool

    Planning Tool

    Downloadable Wedding Professional List

    Wedding Pro List

  • *Please download the Wedding Professional list under Planning Tool in the top right corner. 

    I find it extremely useful to keep a COMPLETE list of your hired Wedding Professionals and their contact info in one spot! Added detail - when you have received their contract and mailed it back with the deposit. This has been added by the specific wedding pro's name.

    There are a few blank categories at the end for highly specific wedding pro's - say Photo/Video Booth, Dove Release or Cigar Roller - that may not apply to everyone so please feel free to add as needed.

  • Questions to Get to Know Your 'Wedding'self

    When I first begin working with a couple, I ask them some personal questions. I am posting some of them for you below. It is okay if you don't know an answer right away, great if you do!, but the question will initiate the conversation which is what is critical.

    • For the two of you, what are the most important aspects of a wedding celebration?
    • Do you have a date in mind and if so, is there any significance to that date?
    • How many people do you plan on inviting?
    • What is your anticipated budget for the wedding?
    • What are the top 3 “must haves” and what are things do you feel are less important?
    • Will the ceremony be religious (if yes, which religion) or non-denominational?
    • Are you foodies? Are you wine sophisticated? Will you want a full bar or maybe offer beer/wine only?
    • What would be your dream wedding dinner?
    • Are you interested in a wedding cake, dessert buffet or a plated dessert?
    • What style of music and entertainment do you envision?
    • What was the best vacation you ever had?
    • What was the best wedding that you ever attended? And the stand out points?
    • What was the worst wedding you ever attended and what made it so?
    • Are there any special family traditions that you want to incorporate?

    Have fun with this and be honest with yourselves. These first answers will enable you to create a unified foundation going forward. Some of these questions are difficult to answer as they can be touchy subjects but it is much better to begin this conversation now than later...