• Lesson 10 - Wedding Style

  • Rustic, Classic, Whimsical, Modern, Outdoor, Vintage... many different wedding styles and then again, two rustic weddings can be as different as the couple getting married. It all comes down to the details!

    There are many wedding style quizzes out there via the Knot, the Bridal Guide, every magazine and even bridesmaid dress makers have them - almost anyone will create a quiz for the fun of it. So I won't. But do take a couple for fun and where you score!

    I recommend beginning by pulling all the photos you love and storing them in a folder on your computer or better yet, Pinterest! We love Pinterest and over the years it has revolutionized how we develop and create the Inspiration Board for our clients.

    By viewing your collection of photos side-by-side, a style will emerge. Sometimes a photo will stand out from the rest (for good or for worse) and you can decide what about it you may like and what about it you decide to toss. Another suggestion is to not pigeon-hole yourself in a certain "wedding style" until later in your planning but only if that helps you!

    The design of a wedding is very detailed and enough for a separate design program! Coming up in a future lesson, we will discuss how to handle rentals and rental companies.

    For now, please find our Color Strategy and Flowers by Season analysis below. Every wedding style has both elements and I hope this information helps you decide on some of your beautiful and important details!

  • Four Focal Points

    When counseling clients for their overall style and decor, it is important to keep in mind the four main focal points of the wedding. By weaving a unifying element(s) through these four, you can create the foundation for a wedding style. This can serve as a starting point for other details and you can take it as far as you desire!

    1. Your Dress
    2. Your Formal Invitation
    3. Your Bouquet
    4. Your Wedding Cake or Dessert Display
  • Color Strategy

    Color Strategy

    Psychology of Color

  • Fabulous Flowers

    Flowers say so much about your wedding day style with visually stunning design from the most elaborate arrangement to the solitary bloom in a bud vase.

    If you have a favorite must-have bloom and the budget to accommodate it, then you don't have to worry. But by sticking to seasonal flowers you can keep your floral budget from skyrocketing and you will have fresh blooms that are abundantly available and less expensive than non-seasonal. Our favorite Seasonal Floral Chart is provided to the right for your reference.

    Technology and hothouses have made many flowers also available year-round that might not be otherwise. If you have the budget, flowers can also be ordered from anywhere in the world. Some popular wedding flowers like roses, orchids, mini calla lilies and hydrangea are typically available year-round too.

    For a spring wedding consider seasonal Tulips, Ranunculus, Anemones, Lilac, Hyacinth.
    In summer, seasonal options include Peonies, Dahlias, Scabiosa, Craspedia, Garden Roses, Zinnia and Hydrangeas (available in a variety of colors). Popular fillers include Dusty Miller and Queen Anne’s Lace.
    Seasonal fall wedding flowers can include Dahlias, Chrysanthemums (a wide variety of colors ranging from bright yellow to rusty red), Berries, Cattails, Pods and Calendula. And seasonally abundant Gourds, Leaves and Sand-Blasted Branches too.
    Some seasonal winter flowers include Snowberry, Narcissus, Amaryllis, Evergreen and Camellia as well as holiday flowers such as Poinsettas and Mistletoe are fun to incorporate for a winter wedding as well.

  • Our Favorite Floral Guide

    Floral Seasonal Guide

    Flowers by Season

    Flowers by Season

    Our Favorite Floral Guide

    Floral Seasonal Guide