• Lesson 2 - The 'Trying' Triad

  • Who? Where? How Much?

    Who are you inviting? Where are you getting married? How much will this cost?

    Chances are these questions are being asked everywhere you turn and by everyone or at least it seems this way! But by placing these questions at the top of your To-Do list to answer as soon as you can should not be downplayed.

    Don't procrastinate, these answers are very important and directly influence each other. This is a very critical step but when addressed in the beginning, will set you up for smooth planning ahead.

  • Customizable Guest List Form to Manage RSVPs and More...

    Guest Management List

    Planning Tool

    Planning Tool

    Customizable Guest List Form to Manage RSVPs and More...

    Guest Management List

  • Guest List

    In the initial stages of planning, one of the hardest decisions may be agreeing on the number of guests to invite to your wedding.  Whether your favorite venue or budget (or just personal preference!) is determining the number of guests which can attend, having the discussion with your parents, future in-laws and fiance’ from the start will save you big headaches later on.

    Of course the number you invite will be higher than the number actually attending.  We recommend using about a 15% decline rate but this can vary on each individual situation. Factors such as - where the majority of guests are traveling from, time of year for your wedding and your guests' own personal budgets will influence your acceptance rate.  We advise our clients individually on a percentage to use.

  • Location

    Are you going to marry in your hometown or are you favoring a destination wedding? This answer influences your guest list and budget.

    We will tackle what to look for when scouting out wedding venues in Lesson Three but initially knowing if you are staying local or jumping on a plane will determine who you are inviting.

    This answer of whether a local wedding or a destination wedding can vary as greatly as different wedding styles out there. The assumption that a destination wedding is small isn't always true or the same goes about a hometown wedding is always large.

    One thing that we do see consistently though, the farther your guests have to travel, the less will attend either due to travel constraints (time) or personal budget.

  • Budget

    How much do you have to spend? This may be a difficult one to answer right away and a sensitive subject with some situations, parents and/or future in-laws but having this discussion now rather than later will enable you to understand correctly the amount of money you have to work with.

    Who contributes what? This depends on your personal situation. I have seen couples and parents from both sides contribute, older couples who have established careers may host the entire event themselves with parents contributing just a little or the couple and the bride’s parents… As you can tell, each situation is slightly different but outlining this in the beginning will give you an idea of your personal bottom line.

    *Remember, whoever is contributing or paying the most, usually expects a few things to be their way.

  • Tips to Master Your Guest List

    Tips to Master Your Guest List

    Mastering Your Guest List

  • Your guest count is the most important variable on your budget.
    Keep in mind that a $40,000 wedding with 200 guests will be very different than a $40,000 wedding with 70 guests.

    Your guest count impacts the budget the most through the catering, rentals, florals (and size of your wedding party) and to some extent, the invitations. Your venue may also have different site fees associated with different interior or exterior spaces depending on the size of your guest count (for example - big name hotels have different size ballrooms and private country clubs have different size lawn areas to accommodate different size weddings).