• Lesson 6 - Spreading the Word

  • Getting the Word Out!

    OK, we know social media is super easy to use and a great way to spread the word but for the traditional side, and to make your mom happy, using a Wedding Website or better yet, Blogsite, is a very useful idea.*If you are potentially going to be using an A List/B List scenario, then I highly recommend keeping your status posts to engaged and not broadcasting your actual wedding plans. Cuts down on hurt feelings and wedding crashers!

    Your Wedding Website/Blogite can be started before you confirm a wedding date and location by reserving your own URL and then just modify it as needed. Once you are 100% sure of date and location, then updating your site is your top priority along with your Save the Date.

    There are many options out there and here are a few we recommend:

    Many large wedding sites (that we all know) also offer personal websites for couples and tie into registry sites too. There are a lot of options but we have found the personal wedding websites that charge a minimal fee tend to give you more options, including a personal URL, and are more user friendly which helps in the long run.

    Some Blogsites even have handy apps to go along with your wedding site (www.appycouple.com is one) so your busy guests can merely download the most recent information straight to their phones. This is not convenient for your elderly guests who may or may not have a smart phone. We recommend having information sent traditionally to this generation.

    Some wedding sites can now also assist you with your Save the Date. Other evite invitation websites can assist here too if you are going the “green” route and going paperless. This is a handy way to track RSVPs and your wedding info in one spot.

    **Planning Tip - Keep your Save the Date simple – names, date and your world wide web address will suffice. You can put all the information you need and more on your wedding website/blogsite.

    **Timing Tip - Whichever type of site you choose, it should be ready to go with Travel and Accommodation Information (if selecting a Destination Wedding) by the time you mail your Save the Dates. This gives you time to work on these important topics. Other categories can be added through-out your planning so do not put the pressure on yourself to have a 100% completed wedding website by the time your Save the Dates are mailed.

  • Guest Accommodations

    If you are having a hometown wedding, consider family and friends who may be traveling to your city. Will they stay with family or other friends? Or will they need to pay for a room? The number of guests needing accommodations will determine if you may need a room block at a nice local hotel or a mere suggestion of a few quality places will suffice. Your wedding website is perfect for conveying this information to your guests.

    A destination wedding is a completely different scenario. Everyone is going to need somewhere to stay. Accommodations may be a priority for you to have everyone stay in one spot whether this is the location of your wedding or not. Striking a group rate is best done when negotiating your wedding contract if getting married in the same venue as everyone is staying.

    If not staying at the wedding venue, then scouting out the closest hotel or accommodations with the most amenities important to you makes sense. When searching, also find out how many rooms are currently available. When creating a group room block, inquire if the rooms are reserved for you or held on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the rooms are reserved for you, the hotel will typically give you a time period to book these rooms and if not booked by a certain date (usually 30 days out), then you have the choice to release the unbooked rooms from your block.

  • Travel Information

    If having a destination wedding, providing the name of the closest airport to your destination will assist guests in making arrangements. Also providing driving directions to the vicinity or specific locations will help. Addresses or Names will be enough for cars with GPS or utilizing smart phones. *For etiquette, we still find it a nice touch to provide the driving directions.

    Use search engines like Kayak.com and Cheaptickets.com to search nearby airports (if an option), which can halve the cost of your trip. One easy way to get the most bang for your buck is to pay for absolutely everything you can with a credit car that earns flyer miles.

    Also providing rental car options at the airport or airport shuttles is another helpful fact for your guests.

    • Map
    • Restaurants
    • Activities
    • Your favorite local 'eats' and things to do (if familiar with the area) always make someone feel at home.
    • Quiz - fun for guests to test themselves about little known facts about each of you or together as a couple