• Lesson 8 - Working With Your Wedding Pros

  • You may have wondered why I refer to your hired vendors as “wedding pros”. To me, the word vendor conjures an image of a person pushing a cart and hawking their trinkets on the street. From the day I founded Merrily Wed®, I thought it was only appropriate to refer to these individuals as wedding pros. I feel it is more respectful and a deserving term for these very talented people that you are hiring and entrusting with some aspect of your wedding day.

    Now, our Top 4 Tips on how to work effectively, thoroughly and respectfully with a wedding pro!

    1) KISSKeep It Simple and Sweet. When communicating with them via email or a phone call, keep it to the subject at hand. Don’t involve drama.

    2) Email/Phone Call Etiquette

    If you are answering their email or phone call, answer their question(s)! It may seem obvious but I cannot tell you how many times this is the number one complaint of a wedding pro. “Yes, I did hear from them but they didn’t answer my question about x,y and z.”
    If you have a question or change for them, that is fine but be sure to provide them with all the information they are seeking first and answer any questions. This goes very far!!

    When emailing it is very helpful to include in the Subject your wedding name and date. Please don’t just put Wedding Flowers or Wedding Pics. Yes, this is the only wedding for you but you do not know how many weddings your wedding pro is working with at the moment. By identifying your wedding, your wedding pro will know who and what this email is about even before opening it.

    3) Timeliness

    If they should contact you via phone/email/text, do try to get back to them as soon as possible. Another common complaint I hear is that “Well yes, they did email me about the special request and I answered but need further feedback and I haven’t heard from them in 4 weeks…” for example!

    Keep the ball rolling with your wedding pro by timely answering all emails and phone calls. This only helps them to assist you in the most effective way and get past the small stuff to more detailed requests that may come up. The more time you have to discuss a special song request vs.

    When finalizing, we recommend providing all your wedding pros with their required information 1-2 months before your wedding. This applies to music selections for special songs, special readings for your officiant, must-take photos, finalizing your menu etc… A lot of this info you should have confirmed at this point of time for printing your program or dinner menu.
    please not only provide them their requested info but within a time frame to allow them to properly address and respond if needed.

    You want to maximize the experience and skill of your hired wedding pros, so communicate first and allow them to get past the basics!

    4) Read the Info

    The last and most important tip to work with your wedding pros is to READ their email, contract or whatever they have sent you from beginning to end. Firing back an email in 2 minutes with 3 questions that could have been answered by taking the time to read the email is very annoying and wasting valuable time. It doesn't do any good to get back quickly without bothering to take a look at what they sent you or just skimming it - especially if you are going to respond with questions. Take a moment to make sure the answer isn't in the information they just sent you.

    If after reading their information you have a question, by all means ask away!