• Lesson 9 - Contracts

  • When you get the contract always review to make sure your names are correct, wedding day is correct and all the basic info. You would be very surprised at how often this simple information can be wrong and we proof this for our clients when reviewing contracts for them.

    Other key elements:

    • Deposit amount is clearly stated.
    • Final Balance amount is clearly stated and due date.
    • Date, Address and TIME of your ceremony and reception venue is included.
    • Date when final guest count is due or finalization of proposal must be completed (key for setting your RSVP date - in Lesson 11)
    • Length of service on wedding day is specified and if this includes set-up/breakdown (where applicable).
    • Charge for overtime or additional hours is specified.
    • If a 'package price' from the wedding pro, do negotiate items in and out. Discuss what you elements or details you value more than others and what may be a comparable trade in/out. More often than not, the wedding pro will be happy to customize a package for your needs and budget.
    • If charged, whether or not a security deposit is refundable and time frame for refunding.

    For Destination Weddings – make sure the travel arrangements have been discussed if your wedding pro is traveling for your wedding. If travel arrangements are not included in their fee, then make sure they are specified in the contract. If the wedding pro isn’t sure of the amount due to unbooked flights/hotels, then I highly recommend at least having a maximum dollar amount stated for the travel expenses you will pay for.

    If you can, I would print your signed contract and HIGHLIGHT (I love colored highlighters!) the total payment amount (deposit amount and remaining balance(s)), due dates, accepted methods of payment and mailing address. This way it will be very easy to find later on when it is time to make the final or a partial payment.

    *Also note if the wedding pro requires a meal. Keep a separate wedding pro count along with your guest count when finalizing your menu with your caterer.

    Organization Tip - Cross-Reference to your Budget form (from Lesson 4). We have a convenient spot under the Notes/Comments column to enter the payment dates for each wedding pro. Enter this information every time you hire your wedding pro so you can reference one spot all your due dates. Much easier than checking each contract whenever you think about it!